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synopsis about us
Techonology is the poetry of science

Robotix Lab Research Academy was started with the sole aim of taking THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE NEXT GENERATION to people of all age groups and across all financial backgrounds. It was realized that there was a very high level of ignorance on Robotics in our country while the same field saw development by leaps and bounds in other countries. Thus it was decided that the best way to solve this problem of ignorance could only be solved if it was tackled right from the grassroots’ level. While there were organizations in India that were working on proving Educational solutions on Robotics, they could only cater to a specific domain Engineering College Students and sadly none of them could do anything for the School children. Robotix Lab Research Academy was thus formed to take Robotics primarily to Schools, and ensure that a specialized knowledge on Robotics was given to the College Students.

  • CARP

    curriculum aligned robotics program

  • Stem

    Science, technology, engineering and maths

  • College projects

    Final year project based on arduino programming with continuance guidance

  • Special training for competitions



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