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Robotix Lab Research Academy

School Student Programs:

Targeting school Students We open the gates for a treasure trove of knowledge, Students are exposed to the emerging technology trends. Aiding them to choose the higher education stream they want to base their knowledge on. A Launchpad to propel them to the infinite space of opportunities.

College Student programs:

In order to empower the students to explore and exploit the limitless capabilities of android, We have brought the vastness of it and put it in a nutshell, bridging the gap between learners and knowledge, a way to feed their creative thirst, handing them the key to the world of Programming and inspiring them to program the world.

Robot for sale:

Advent of ROBOTS As we see in sci-fi movies is not a dystopic dream, rather it is Utopic. From personal to commercial Purpose, Robots are being used effectively to avoid Human labour and error.Unfathomably comprehensive applications of Robot has been on the rising phase.If, in Technology, Automation is the Buzzword, Robots are the chieftain of automation. Come and immerse yourself in the World of Robots with us.

IT solution provider:

Your One stop IT Solution provider for all your IT needs. 720 Worldwide is a fast-growing business providing integrated technology and operations-based solutions worldwide. As our client you will have access to highly skilled resources that have just the right attitude and will bring real solutions to your company. We build long-standing relationships and are always available at your request.

Franchise Business:

Keeping the benefits students receive from our service in mind and our expertise in the field of Student level robotics, Robotixlab to expand its business across the country. We take great pleasure to introduce our franchise model. Ignited minds aspiring to venture into education sector, hesitating to take any risk , can move forward to adopt our business model, with us acting as a safety net, You can boldly make that move. By choosing our franchise you give yourself that space and time to grow upon a well established business, proven to work for any new entrepreneur. If you are somebody who constantly wants to challenge himself, evolve, and grow, this is your golden opportunity at your door for you to grab. Would you seize it or let it slip?

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